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Environmina provides pest control services for gated communities and is the name you can trust. Environmina deals with any kind of pest problems within your area.

Our scientists keep track of the most recent advancements in industry and apply and recommend the most effective treatment techniques and methodologies to your specific situation. We encourage you to provide us sample of the bed bugs found in your location. Our team will assess a wide range of pesticides and determine the most powerful protocol to follow. In general, we combine an array of different pesticides working together to resolve your problem. To prevent issues with resistance, we will alternate effective pesticides as needed. We rely on special monitors to monitor your home, business or community. Our services are guaranteed for 6 months for single homes or multifamily dwellings in agreement with our contract.

Our highly regarded year round Bed Bug Removal plan provides peace of mind for you and your family through monthly or quarterly services specific for bed bugs. We highly recommend this service to multifamily dwelling, attached homes in infested areas as well as communities, offices, hospitals, hotels, motels and resorts. Please contact one of Environmina’s representatives to ask about low price guarantee service.

Quarterly and monthly services for general pests or specific pests as needed

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We offer several services to ensure that your home is pest free. Drawing from our experience in pest control, we pay special attention to the structure of each unit.


Certified licensed and experienced pest management professionals. Our experts will thoroughly assess your problem and develop the most feasible solution to address it effectively and efficiently.


Keeping your house pest free ensure a safer and healthier environment for the members of your household. Our pest control services take into consideration the safety of your family, guests and pets


Our trusted technicians will diagnose and resolve any pest problem. Contracts include a warranty period.